Who We Are

Fashion Forward, Future Conscious

At Anne Michelle Fashions, our mission is to source and produce the best in clothing and accessories from designers in Australia and across the globe. We also understand that caring for your customer means protecting the environment and providing them with a sustainable future. Anne Michelle Fashions production methods supports worker’s rights, with transparency at all stages of our manufacturing process.

Our Ethos

At Anne Michelle Fashions, we believe that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Accordingly, we also partner with brands that are ethically sound and eco-friendly, ensuring we create a sustainable world for our children’s future. All our customers are fashion-forward and future conscious, with a focus on reducing waste at all stages of the production process. Where possible, we endeavour to leave a minimal environmental footprint, from supporting ethical farming processes to using recyclable, reusable packaging.

Our Team

Vinesh Advani


They say you succeed if you love your work, and this is proven by working with a team of passionate and driven people. We grow, we succeed, and we love our work even more. It takes a whole team to make a business successful and I am proud to be part of this team. I have personally worked with start-ups to large Global brands and can say that every customer has shared a common vision of bringing a better product to market, which is why we are continuously improving and expanding our supply chain.

Ruchy Grewal

Head of Design & Production

I have design experience of over 20 years, and with designing comes the passion to put 100% effort in getting that product delivered in stores successfully on time as per schedule. If I must sum up my work in simple words – “Every day is a new day with new challenges”. With every challenge that I face I get more confident to face the next one. Fashion is such a fast-paced industry no matter how hard you try it comes with issues that needs solution immediately for quick turnaround of situation and getting project back on track.

Fiona Loong

Head of Operations in China

I work closely with our factories from conception of a product to delivery, ensuring that the best product is delivered. I manage a team of merchandise and quality control staff in China ensuring that we follow a strict critical path of all our orders. I am proud to be part of strong team and have been working for Anne Michelle Fashions for over 10 years. There is no challenge we cannot overcome as a team and am continuously working to improve and expand our supply chain in China.