Quality Control

Quality Control

When you’re making products to sell in the marketplace, you have to consider the tradeoffs between price and quality. Sometimes, producing better quality products can lead to paying a higher price for manufacturing. Having proper quality control procedures in place is important to any brand that wants to have long-term success in the marketplace. Third-party quality inspections can help brands to accomplish this.

Once a tech pack is completed an inspection checklist can be developed. Inspections can be conducted, which include procedures such as measurement taking, label checking, and conducting physical tests and fabric checks.

We can also send your garments to a third-party lab to conduct additional tests to ensure quality, safety, and compliance.Garments can be tested for colourfastness to washing, crocking (rubbing), light, perspiration, or water. The lab can also conduct piling tests, do fibre analysis, test for flammability, and more.

There are four types of quality inspection we can provide:

  1. Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)
  2. During Production Inspection (DPI)
  3. Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)
  4. Container loading/loading supervision (LS)