Our Process

We spend time with you to understand your brand and production needs. This is an especially important part of the process that allows us to gain a deeper understanding of how to establish your growth path to success.

We require a complete tech pack of your design submitted together with a reference sample prepare the patterns and bulk size spec. Please refer to our Tools & Templates for assistance completing this stage. This stage can take to finalise, especially if we are creating a unique product that requires several fit approvals prior to finalising the specifications.

We generally quote on FIS terms, which includes delivery from the factory into your local distribution centre. We also quote FOB terms, which includes delivery to the shipping port at origin.

This is your commitment to us to produce your bulk order, this is usually accompanied by a 30% deposit of the total value of your production. This is a binding contract between our companies.

There are 3 stages of sampling in our process Initial, pre-production and shipment, these are checked against the approved tech pack. We may also produce AD samples or sales samples by request.

At this stage, we prepare a ‘critical path’ to allow us to track every stage of the bulk production to ensure we meet your delivery commitment. Our merchandising team manage the critical path daily to provide you with regular updates on the progress of your production.

We undertake inspection during bulk production and prior to shipment, this ensures that bulk is made to the approved standards and tech pack. Lab testing is also conducted as and when required. We share our QC reports with you, giving you full transparency on the status of your production.

We look after the delivery from our factory offshore to your local distribution centre in Australia and New Zealand. The freight and delivery cost forms part of the total FIS prices we quote you.

We can store, pick and distribute your product across the Globe. These services are quoted separately based on your distribution model. We have over 15 years’ experience in distribution across Australia and New Zealand and can offer you competitive rates to support your business.