Pattern Making
& Sampling

Pattern Making

Pattern making is an art form. It requires technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and accuracy. Without a pattern, your designs can not be made into a finished product. Therefore, it is such an important step in the process. Experience is paramount because a pattern forms the foundation of your design. Our inhouse team of pattern makers work closely with you to deliver this important stage of the production process. Our pattern makers have been in the industry for many years and are experienced in customising a pattern for any garment design. They know the industry and have created hundreds of patterns for designers across Australia.

All patterns are created using the latest Gerber software and accompanying this are the specifications, make and design sheets as well as illustrations of your design with full garment construction details. The process is all managed by a production manager working with you on your new fashion label – advising you along the way.

Digitising a pattern is a process that involves creating a soft electronic copy of your hard copy patterns (only necessary if you have cardboard patterns). This process is useful because it becomes an electronic archive and can be used as a starting point for all future production.Our digitising service is quick and cost effective and we can cater to patterns of any size and shape.

Grading is not a complex process, nor is it an expensive one. It starts by creating your fit approved base size (usually a size 10) and then graded incrementally to create a full-size set. You can nominate specific sizes and stagger production volumes.


This is one of the most exciting stages of production where we produce your first 3-dimensional garment and see your ideas come to life. This process is important because it allows you to see the fit and whether your vision actually drapes and fits the way you want it to. Adjustments and variations can be made at this stage prior to going into grading and prior to full production.