Our Products

Anne Michelle Fashions has been manufacturing products for the Australian and New Zealand market for over 30 years. Established in 1984, family owned and operated. We are a one-stop-shop for your manufacturing needs. Our business prides itself on the reliability of its supply chain that ensures a consistently high standard in quality of every product.

Apparel & Accessories

Everyday Essentials

Baby to Adult basics with limited to no embellishments focusing on the quality of the fabric for everyday wear. This includes certified organic or eco-friendly fabrics.


Kids to Adult fashion specialising in low-cost high-volume fashion catering for the mass market. Creating a point of difference with your brand will come down to how well you design your product for the mass market.


Adult sportwear specifically for a boutique label and brand. Focusing on comfort and durability. This is a growing market with a focus on health and wellbeing. We can also offer collaboration of your sportwear brand with health and beauty products from our partnership with MNB.


Baby to Adult sleepwear, we have seen great brands such as ‘Peter Alexandar’ establish a global name in sleepwear and have learnt from this brand experience how to support you in starting your own sleepwear brand.



Genuine leather to vegan handmade booties. Working with an experienced supplier in this category is especially important due the high levels of compliance required on the baby product category. We can help you navigate these requirements and manufacture a compliant product.


Genuine leather to vegan handmade Men’s and Women’s casual and formal shoes. The right fit and comfort are especially important. We have experience working with major brands in making sure your shoes not only look good but feel good.



Baby to Adult bedding including cot sheet sets and mattress protectors. The fabric selections are particularly important in this category as this would define the quality of your brand.

Wraps & Blankets

Baby wraps blankets made from certified organic or eco-friendly fabrics. including toy blankets. Softness and comfort are the essential requirements in this category.