Our Customers

Fashion Brands

We have worked with a variety of Fashion Brands over the last 20 years from start-ups to established global brands to understand the importance of a flexible and reliable supply chain. Working closely with the designers to create a unique product and help them differentiate their brand from others.

Large Retailers

We have been working with large retailers across Australia, New Zealand and the UK for over 20 years. Working with large retailers requires discipline, transparency, and a strong ethical philosophy. We have designed our business around the strong quality control requirements of these retailers.


Anne Michelle Fashions has collaborated with MNB Variety Imports to offer our customers general merchandise to complement our apparel range. This is a significant partnership that has allowed us to diversify our product range into Health & Beauty, Household, Kitchenware, Books, Stationery, Licensed products, Perfumes, Toys and Confectionery.